Mar 22 2018

Weekend Events – March 24-25

We have two big activities coming up this weekend!

Saturday, March 24 – Bottle and Recycling Drive

Taking place from 11am to 2pm, based from the LCdr Paddon Building. We are looking for parents with pickup trucks who may be available to assist us with this fundraiser! Full details are in the letter below

Sunday, March 25 – Cross Country Ski / Snowshoe Day

Taking place at Pippy Park from 9am to 4pm, meet at the Fluvarium Parking Lot. Be dressed to be outdoors for the day! Even if the snow conditions don’t allow for skiing or snowshoeing, there will be alternative training planned, so the day will still go ahead. Lunch will be provided!

Feb 7 2018

Exercise “Deep Freeze”

This weekend, our cadets will be participating in an overnight field training exercise on Saturday Feb 10 and Sunday Feb 11. The exercise is for all cadets, and will be taking place in Makinsons. Complete details are in the letter below, including drop-off and pick-up times, as well as a kit list. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Dec 19 2017

Summer Training Applications

Applications are now being accepted for Cadet Summer Training Courses.  The second page of the attached applications outline all courses offered, the eligibility requirements, and the dates for the course.  Dates listed may vary by a day on either end.

All applications are due to the Admin O, Lt Didham, no later than the date provided on the forms. Certain courses have different application deadlines!

Dec 17 2017

Annual Turkey Shoot


This Tuesday, Dec 19th we will be having our annual Turkey Shoot! This is when parents and guardians come to cadets with their child and participate in a recreational shooting competition. Parents/guardians and cadets team up to shoot their best and win prizes! We highly recommend that each cadet brings a parent or guardian to the shoot, but if this is not possible they can bring any guest, as long as the guest is over the age of 13. All parents / guests will require a valid photo ID to gain entry to the building.

We ask that you and your cadet arrive at the LCdr Paddon Building no later than 6:30pm.  We look forward to seeing you all there!

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