Feb 27 2018

February 27 – Training Cancelled

Due to weather, training for tonight (Feb 27th) has been cancelled.

Today was the final deadline for submission of any summer camp applications. If your cadet has not yet submitted their application, please email us (2515stjohnsarmy@gmail.com) by 1pm tomorrow, Feb 28th, by either scanning and attaching the application form, or by simply listing the cadet’s name and their course choices. Alternatively, you can also drop off the form to Capt Clay by 1:00pm tomorrow at 19 Dunfield Street.

More info will follow later in the week regarding the calendar for March and this weekend’s activities.

Jan 31 2018

Lord Strathcona and Royal Canadian Legion Medals

Any cadets interested in receiving the Lord Strathcona Medal or the Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence are to submit an application to the CO outlining why they feel they are suitable for either of these awards.  Please be sure to clearly explain how you fit the criteria for the awards.  You don’t have to be a senior cadet – you just have to meet the requirements!  All submissions must be received by Tuesday, February 20th.  You can make your submission in writing, or by email to 2515stjohnsarmy@gmail.com.


  1. Have a high level of physical fitness;
  2. Be minimum of Silver Star qualified (by the end of the year);
  3. Meet all mandatory training requirements with a minimum of 75% attendance;
  4. Meet all optional training requirements while taking part in at least 50% of optional activities;
  5. Completed at least 3 years as a cadet; and
  6. Be regarded by your peers and supervisors as representing the model cadet.


  1. Meet all requirements of the corps training program;
  2. Participate in at least 3 community service initiatives OUTSIDE of the cadet corps;
  3. Be regarded by your peers and supervisors as representing the model cadet; and
  4. Enhance the cadet corps through:
    1. Co-operation
    2. Comradeship
    3. Promoting goodwill and morale
    4. Developing teamwork
    5. Supporting other cadets
    6. Community involvement

Nov 15 2017

2018 Staff Cadet Applications

It’s already time to begin thinking about summer training! Staff Cadet applications are now open. The application form is found below, as well as all the positions available at Atlantic Region CTCs. In order to qualify as a staff cadet, you must be 16 years old before the end of 2017, and be a minimum of Gold Star qualified at the end of this training year. Applications are due back on Dec 5th.

Nov 7 2017

Remembrance Day

Newfoundland_National_War_MemorialSaturday is Remembrance Day – we will be taking part in a number of ceremonies of Remembrance around St. John’s alongside members of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #1. Here is a schedule of events:

7:15am – Cadets meet at LCdr Paddon Building.

7:30am – Buses will transport cadets to the Field of Honour at Mount Pleasant Cemetery (James Lane).

8:00am – Ceremony begins at the Field of Honour. After that has finished, the buses will bring the cadets to the Basillica parking lot to prepare for the next service.

9:45am – Cadets will march from the Basillica down Garrison Hill to the Sgts and WOs Memorial.

10:00am – Service begins at the Sgts and WOs Memorial.

10:20am – Parade begins, down Church Hill, east on Duckworth St, down Cochrane St, west on Water St until the National War Memorial.

10:40am – Service begins at the National War Memorial.

11:00am – 2 minutes of silence

When the service ends, the parade will move west on Water Street. Cadets will meet the buses at the end of the route, which will bring them to Royal Canadian Legion Branch #1 on Blackmarsh Road for lunch. After lunch, the bus will bring cadets back to the LCdr Paddon Building for pick-up. We anticipate returning to the LCdr Paddon Building by 1:30pm.

We understand that there are a number of new cadets without uniforms or only with partial uniforms at this point. Uniform parts from our supplier arrive as the sizes are available, but this can be a slow process at times. Cadets without a complete uniform are still welcomed and encouraged to participate and should wear civilian clothes to the parade along with their cadet parka. For all cadets, black gloves are strongly recommended – it is going to be a cold day! We look forward to seeing all cadets on Saturday for these important events.

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