Challenge Shield

The Challenge Shield is the ultimate team competition at 2515.  The cadets will be split in to teams at the start of the year, and will be assigned points during the training year for all things related to corps activities.  Points will be awarded for things like attendance, sports, drill, etc.  The Challenge Shield will be presented on the ACR to the team which has earned the most points during the training year.

The assigned officer to the challenge shield will update and post the points each week.

The standings will be posted on the Bulletin board each week, as well as on the website.   A Pennant will be given to the winning team each week to carry on parade.

Place Team Points this Week Overall Points Total
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Last Updated: 17 Sep 15

Meet the Teams:

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Points Breakdown


  • Each cadet will earn 1 point for their team when present for training activities
  • Teams will earn a maximum 15 points when all members are present


  • Each team will be awarded 10 points for winning an organized team sport game
  • During Fitness Assessments, each cadet will earn their team points based on the level achieved:
    • Bronze = 1
    • Silver = 2
    • Gold = 3
    • Excellence = 5


  • The best dressed cadet will earn their team 10 extra points
  • 10 points will be deducted for any cadet not wearing uniform


  • 10 points will be rewarded to the team with the best drill during each parade.


  • Bulletin board – 20 points will be awarded for correctly answering the monthly question on bulletin board
  • FTX – 25 points will be awarded to the team which successfully completes the adventure task first
  • Cadets scoring 85% or higher on year-end Star Level Confirmations will earn 10 points
  • Cadets scoring between 70% and 85% on year-end Star Level Confirmations will earn 5 points


  • Each full bag of recyclables or dozen bottles brought on recycling nights will earn 1 point
  • Each vegetable hamper sold will earn 1 point


  • 20 points will be deducted for misbehavior


  • If a cadet brings in a new recruit, they will earn 10 points if the new cadet stays for over a month

Previous Champions

2015 – “Whales”

  • WO Manuel
  • Sgt Hayward
  • MCpl Horlick
  • Cpl Cobb
  • Cpl Knee
  • Cpl King, J
  • LCpl Azher
  • LCpl Caul
  • LCpl Childs
  • LCpl Nichol
  • LCpl King, L
  • LCpl Barnes
  • LCpl Rahal
  • LCpl Morgan

2014 – “War Hammer”

  • WO Amber Manning
  • Sgt Aidan Kelly
  • Sgt Amber King
  • MCpl Will Leake
  • Cpl Jonathan Babin
  • LCpl Joseph Boyd
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