Feb 7 2018

Exercise “Deep Freeze”

This weekend, our cadets will be participating in an overnight field training exercise on Saturday Feb 10 and Sunday Feb 11. The exercise is for all cadets, and will be taking place in Makinsons. Complete details are in the letter below, including drop-off and pick-up times, as well as a kit list. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Jan 31 2018

Lord Strathcona and Royal Canadian Legion Medals

Any cadets interested in receiving the Lord Strathcona Medal or the Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence are to submit an application to the CO outlining why they feel they are suitable for either of these awards.  Please be sure to clearly explain how you fit the criteria for the awards.  You don’t have to be a senior cadet – you just have to meet the requirements!  All submissions must be received by Tuesday, February 20th.  You can make your submission in writing, or by email to 2515stjohnsarmy@gmail.com.


  1. Have a high level of physical fitness;
  2. Be minimum of Silver Star qualified (by the end of the year);
  3. Meet all mandatory training requirements with a minimum of 75% attendance;
  4. Meet all optional training requirements while taking part in at least 50% of optional activities;
  5. Completed at least 3 years as a cadet; and
  6. Be regarded by your peers and supervisors as representing the model cadet.


  1. Meet all requirements of the corps training program;
  2. Participate in at least 3 community service initiatives OUTSIDE of the cadet corps;
  3. Be regarded by your peers and supervisors as representing the model cadet; and
  4. Enhance the cadet corps through:
    1. Co-operation
    2. Comradeship
    3. Promoting goodwill and morale
    4. Developing teamwork
    5. Supporting other cadets
    6. Community involvement

Jan 31 2018

Cadet Corps Hoodies

Once again this year, our corps will be making an order of hooded sweaters for anyone wishing to purchase one.

The hoodies will be maroon in colour, and have the corps crest heat pressed in the upper left of the chest. 2515 will be written down the left forearm, and up to two lines of customization will be available on the right sleeve (top line for name, bottom line for a team, activity or position held). The total cost comes in at $60, including tax, however this cost will be partially subsidized so that the actual cost to the cadet is $40.

Full details are included in the letter below. Orders and money must be returned by February 4th!

Dec 19 2017

Summer Training Applications

Applications are now being accepted for Cadet Summer Training Courses.  The second page of the attached applications outline all courses offered, the eligibility requirements, and the dates for the course.  Dates listed may vary by a day on either end.

All applications are due to the Admin O, Lt Didham, no later than the date provided on the forms. Certain courses have different application deadlines!

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